Lemix J Buckley

by Lemix J Buckley

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released May 22, 2014

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jordan Disorbo in Toledo, Ohio at Glass Arrow Audio. Album Artwork by Corey Peltier



all rights reserved


Lemix J Buckley Detroit, Michigan

rock fuckin hard

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Track Name: Wolf
I know I seem friendly, but I'm just
A wolf in sheep's clothing on the hunt
And I have been tracking the scent of your blood

Smile as you struggle to breathe underneath me
Bloodied and strangled 'til you're not resisting
You cry out to god, but he gives less than he takes
You doubted me once, and that was a mistake
Track Name: It Was Like Rocky 8, But All He Did Was Smoke Cigarettes
If we stay this solstice by next year, this season
I will be blooming, giving moon reason to crash from the sky
Raise up the tides
I will wither and die, but not without fighting first

But I'm too passive so it never works
I lack the action so I use my words
You're unaffected by everything I say
I'm sorry I could never say this to your face

I've been hunched over
Bending backwards, my spine is snapping
I can feel it cracking now
I've been hunched over
Bending backwards, my spine is snapping
Maybe that's why we broke down
(Tell me what you want. I know, I know)

I want to be with you
I want
I want

I painted the pictures
I always imagined us so much closer
We tried 'til my wrists hurt
At least I'm still trying
I blurred all our pictures
I always remembered us so much brighter
I tried to relight her
She's just as dull as me

And I have no fabric to hold
To stitch us together, sew into our home

I guess that it's out in the open now
How i went wrong and how you found out
I kept it safe under lock and key
I kept it underneath

I got lost without your hand to guide me
Track Name: I'm Just Bones In A Box, Teddy
I'm always falling asleep
When you say that you need me
That lost its meaning
Somewhere down my line
I guess I'm still trying to prove something for you
Was testing my aptitude
In protest, I had ill intent

I'm always falling asleep when you say that you need me
It's your voice from my mouth, I'm scared
It's your eyes I'm constantly spotting out there

I could never be anything good for you
God knows I tried to

In these structures, I found nothing
Buried under has no meaning
I've been thinking far too often
Of the boundries of my consciousness
(Open the box you kept secret)
(Horrified, I hold my tongue back)

Burn it down, burn it down
Track Name: Brothers?
"Without trust comes complex"
I say under my breath
I'm sick of twisting my head up
Sticking my neck out always to end up
You're under my skin
Family infection
Not brothers but stand-ins

What do we have to lose?
Not afraid to sever ties with you, I shared my roots
At this point we're all bruised
Showed your true colors, you showed me all you had to
You used to call me family
The worst intentions, a brother is what I called you
You can't blame this all on me
You've done things to me a family should never do

So fill up another cup
Maybe then two years won't feel like all that much
Such a frail excuse
No amount of booze can take the blame for the things you do

That doesn't matter now
All this is pointless, I figured it out
Taking back comfort that I found
I don't know where you are, hope that you're proud
Lay in your bed
Heart in stomach
I bet, I bet
You don't deal well with consequence

There's always gonna be a part of me
That wishes the best for you
Then there are also all of these things
That give me my right to hate you
If we can't stand together, then we all fall apart
If we can't stand for better, we're worse off than we thought
Track Name: Marla Singer
Please don't leave
I know I'm not exactly what you were expecting
Please believe
I'd give everything for us to be happy

But somewhere, somehow
I lost that

Please don't leave
I know I'm exactly what you were fearing
Please don't watch me sink
I don't think we could ever be happy

But sometimes, somehow
I believe that

Visions from your head
I am watching perspective from her bed
She is wanting something so endless
You're not listening
This is disgusting

You know it gets to me
The way you ask her out
I guess it's a funny thing
'Cause I can't even help myself